Paternity Test Lawyer Carlsbad

The issue of paternity can be an incredibly important one. A father has an obligation to provide for his children financially. At Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, we are dedicated to helping families facing issues related to paternity. We handle cases on both sides of the issue, and we are committed to working for justice in all matters of family law.

Whether you are a mother interested in securing the money your children deserve or you are a man who has been wrongly charged with paternity, we may be able to help. To discuss the circumstances of your case with one of our compassionate Carlsbad paternity test lawyers, please contact us today by calling 760-722-7669.

How Can an Experienced Carlsbad Paternity Attorney Help You?

At Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, we are dedicated to helping people who are dealing with the complicated issues surrounding paternity testing. We understand how delicate the matter can be, and we are dedicated to handling every case we take with our signature mix of experience and discretion. We may be able to help you whether you are a woman looking to secure child-support payments or a man denying allegations of fatherhood.

Whatever your particular needs and circumstances happen to be, our goal is to handle your case with the discretion and compassion you deserve.

For more information on paternity tests and establishing your rights as a father in California, or to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Carlsbad divorce law attorney, please contact us by filling out our online intake form or calling us at 760-722-7669.